domingo, 19 de noviembre de 2017

and I miss you

and I miss you
every hour
and every day

and I miss you
remembering what was
and it will not be

and I miss you
in that dark nights
and the piano's music

everything reminds me of you
until the words mean nothing
of saying so much

the voice is wasted 
and the throat is dry
repeating 'I miss you'

which means more in my language
than in yours
with notes that don't fit

and are mixed together
melting like chocolate
to give flavour to this bitter sensation

and I miss you
when I'm talking with you
and when I'm not doing it

and I miss you
when I'm listening music
and when I sing

and I miss you
while I'm living
and while everything is going to stop again

with a strange feeling
improvising words to tell you
as if they were excuses

the rhythm becomes slow
after everything was so fast
which leaves me tired

looking the night
in whitch you are not
improvising a song

lyrics that don't fit
and feelings that can not be translated
without finding the words

being coward to tell you what I feel
and everything I wanted to tell you
before you left

and I miss you
although I tell you too much
so much that it makes no sense

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